Oldies Gallery

Barn and Swallows in South Park
South Park Barn and Swallows

Model A - AA truck
Model A - AA

Baker Tank, a restored water tank on the old South Park and Pacific RR route.
Baker Tank 1

Model A Pickup in Redrocks Park
Model A in Redrocks

Flowers and Lace in a window. Located in the old mining town of St. Elmo.
Flowers and Lace

Rock-N-Barn in the Gunnison Valley.

Old hay stacker
Hay Stacker

A short section of track on the old South Park and Pacific Rail Road  grade.
Narrow Gage Tracks

Old Windmill that will Pump No More!
Pump No More

Tattered Tee Pee hidden in aspen grove
Tattered TeePee

Steps leading to creek in old mining town






















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