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Peak Oil

Global Warming

Economic Meltdown

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These are my personal research notes which I have made while surfing the Net or from other sources. Though I will occasionally add a personal aside to a note, I do not generally form conclusions nor do I necessarily assume that all information is the absolute truth.   All information is freely available on the net or other sources as noted. Links are provided to the original articles on the net and Zotero also creates a snapshot of the page the first note originates from. If you are reading my notes I recommend that you do your own research and form your own conclusions. Feel free to use these notes as a beginning guide for your own research. 

If I am able to assign a date to an entry then the notes are usually sorted with the most recent at the top. (You would not believe how many web pages are not dated.) 

Most entries are created with Zotero, an add-on to Mozilla Firefox - Remember all those 4x5 note cards you used to use to organize your research? Well, Zotero is the replacement for that shoebox full of cards.

As always: DYODD (Do Your Own Due Dilligence)




Famous Qutoations (and some not so famous)

The Secret Teachings Of All Ages

Morals And Dogma

The Master Maason Handout

The Mormon Church and Freemasonry

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