FAQ's for the Galleries and Forum


Who are we?

 Just an amateur photographer who happens to have a web presence. These pages have been used for various purposes over the years ranging from a place to show my meager photographic skills to a meeting place for emergency services interests with which I have been involved. The latest idea is to share with friends both new and old. We have just set up the new photo gallery and phpBBS forum - doing away with all the old photo stuff and allowing others to add their photos, we emptied out the old forum and installed new forum software.


Who owns the rights to photos on this site?

All photos on this site are and remain the exclusive property and copyright of the individual photographer. 
All images must be originals and must belong to the person uploading; all rights in the photo must be the property of the person uploading the photo.
Uploader acknowledges that they have sufficient written permission of any recognizable locations or people appearing in the photograph to be able to grant to htwif.com the right to publish their photographic submission online, and hereby grant to htwif.com such right.


Who can view the photo galleries and forum posts?

Anyone can view the photos. The forum posts - still thinking about that.


Who can post to the Galleries and Forum?

 This is a private web. Membership, although not exclusive, is by invitation only. 
We meet a lot of wonderful and interesting people in our travels and photographic adventures and decided to provide a venue to share photos and experiences. No, you do not have to be someone we have met in the field. If you have a passion for photography and the west, particularly Colorado, then go ahead and sign up on the gallery and the forum then send us an email to gallery~at~htwif~dot~com  (replace the ~at~ with @ and ~dot~ with the period) with a bit about yourself (include your user name) and why you are interested; perhaps mention a link to some photos you have taken. No, you need not be a professional photographer, although that would be ok but your skill level is not that important - love of photography is.  It could take a while to get your account activated - only a few moderators, and we would prefer to be in the field :>)

The forum and gallery have separate account services so we have the flexibility to allow some to have forum access but not gallery access. Why? Don't know - it might be handy at some point.

What are the size limitations on the photos I upload.

Maximum file size is 200k and largest dimension is 800 px on the long side.

Contact us.

You may email us at the above mentioned address or you may use the form on our main contact page (not my first choice - I personally dislike those online forms)